The Grandpa's Best Story

Grandpa’s Best is part of a family of companies stemming from Bestifor Farms which is our large farming operation in north central Kansas.  We are multi-generation farmers focusing on the large animal hay market. Our family has farmed some of the same land since the 1860’s. When Grandpa’s Best was first created, founders Chase and Celine Larson traveled around to many rabbit and guinea pig shows to talk to animal breeders and pet owners. They asked them what problems they had with current hay products and what their wish lists would be. Small pet owners and breeders all wanted...larger volume per purchase, more consistent quality, products that are easier to handle and feed, less dust, flakes that fit in feeders, something easier to store and transport, and longer strands. That feedback led Grandpa's Best to build machinery to flake and then form hay into a smaller "mini-bale" footprint. Read on to see how our solutions helped solve many problems with small pet hay.

Larger Volume + Smaller Footprint = Lower Pricing

Our products are typically 4 to 7 times smaller than similar volume competitors' products. Our smaller size helps reduce the cost of shipping which lowers your overall cost of hay.  

Easier and Cleaner Feeding With Flakes

  Compare our flaked and formed hay with traditional hay thrown-in-a-box packaging from competitors. Our flaked hay makes it easier to feed and track, especially when it comes to cleaning up after. These hay flakes fit easily into standard pet feeders.

Easier to Store or Transport

Who has room to store or transport 5 square feet of hay? Our product sizing allows pet owners and breeders to more easily store their hay at home or on the go.  

Less Dust

  With our in-house fabrication team, we built machinery to help process hay that includes proprietary sifting and suction technology to help drastically reduce dust.

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