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 Welcome to Grandpa’s Best® , producing quality hay for small pets. Growing is our passion and fresh quality hay is our legacy. Grandpa’s Best®, part Bestifor, a fourth-generation family farm located in the heartland of the United States, producing high quality hay, forages, and grain crops.

Grandpa’s Best® was formed because we recognized the need for top quality hay was not limited to just the livestock, dairy, and equine world, but also to small pet owners who sought and deserved this type of nutrition and reliability for their animals. Understanding the needs of small pet owners became our mission in growing, harvesting, and packaging the finest hay and forages possible.

In addition to growing a variety of hay and other crops, we have long been stewards of a 100% Organic Native Grassland, where waves of lush prairie grasses have flourished, ungrazed and untouched, for generations. The diversity of grasses and unique nutritional value in this one-of-a-kind hay makes it a perfect feed for herbivores. Grandpa’s Best® is proud to offer 100% Organic Prairie Hay along with a complete line of Timothy Hay, Orchard Grass Hay and Alfalfa Hay. All products are available in various package sizes, including loose box hay and our super-efficient mini bale which provides an amazing amount of bulk hay while staying fresh. Whatever a pet’s preference or nutritional needs, we are the answer when it comes to hay. We are always excited to hear from you and learn what your pets are looking for. We can accommodate any of your hay needs, large or small.

Grandpa’s Best® is an experienced company consisting of a team of passionate individuals whose daily focus is the production of high-quality hay and forage products.

When you choose Grandpa’s Best®, you will be taken care of by our family - the gbpets team of hay and pet enthusiasts committed to your pets welfare and nutrition. We even have our own veterinarian on staff. You will receive a product which is fresh, hand-packed, and shipped directly from our farm’s hay facility. Our promise and guarantee to you is total satisfaction. “Quality is our Legacy ™️“ is not just a statement - It’s our mission. Most of all, by choosing Grandpa’s Best®, you join our family -a family close to the earth, wholeheartedly committed to making sure you and your pets are completely satisfied.


Welcome to our family

Quality is our Legacy